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Our ability to do all types of finishing applications is what sets The Blanchard Woodshop apart. We pride ourselves on our finish and only use the highest quality products. We seal and top coat with a conversion varnish. The advantage to this product is that you are purchasing the freshest material possible for your project. We catalyze what we use each day. We also have an in house stain mixing system which allows us to match any stain color. Our finish process begins with having all parts hand sanded and all edges broke. The parts will then be cleaned of dust and the stain is applied. The stain is then hand rubbed off and the sealer coat is applied. After the sealer dries, all parts are hand sanded, cleaned of dust and the final top coat is applied. This is a standard stain varnish top coat. We also offer clear coat, stain finish, stain finish glaze, paint, paint glaze, distress and rub thrus.